Armistice100 Convoy 2018

The Most Challenging Easter Rally Ever!

You know you want to but…

Armistice100 is going to be the greatest, boldest and most immersive military vehicle experience that we have ever seen in New Zealand! There is simply nothing that can be compared to the distance and time involved in this venture – factors which make this Rally so special.

Great experiences don’t come cheap. The commitment required in terms of time and money is huge. Those are the two “buts” that have overwhelmed some people. Others are working out ways around the problems.

Harry is a self-employed business owner. He simply does not have the staff to cover for a four week trip but he can manage the two week South Island leg, especially as it is around the Easter Public Holidays. Harry is sending his M37 Dodge from Auckland to Wellington and return by commercial vehicle transporter saving him time and money. He says that this is cheaper than the cost of fuel driving it!

Another Aucklander is getting his Jeep trailered down as far as Hanmer Springs which is the first available date that he can join the convoy. When you start to look at what is possible then solutions materialise.

The challenge facing everyone is vehicle preparation. We need to be prepared so that our convoy experience does not end prematurely. Although Armistice100 has the most experienced recovery section in the history of MV club convoys, they still need parts and you can’t fix stupid. It makes sense to prepare and test all the vehicle systems so that everything is go!

I’m working through my list for the Dodge as fast as I can. It feels good to get things finished and behind me but the pressure is on to get the list done in the few remaining weeks. Kerrie has some work commitments so she intends to fly in and fly out to join me on the convoy when she can.

There are always people inspired by the target of participating in a Rally. There is nothing like a deadline to get into gear and to complete a project vehicle. In Auckland Charles Pike is stepping up and finishing his Chev PJ. He has better nerves than me taking the engine out at this stage but I’m sure it will go back in time for that start.

Nick and Chris Flegg in Katikati are putting together a Chev Radio Shack to keep their RL Bedford company on the convoy. With 10 weeks to go they still only have a rolling chassis but they seem unfazed and confident.

So far (in January) there are about 70 people on board (including 12 Americans) with 24 MV’s and 6 military motorcycles. There is also the recovery section and the camp followers support vehicles.

If you haven’t signed up yet then jump in because it’s still not too late to join the party! We want you to join us because travelling together is a community event, especially at the stops each evening. Each person and each vehicle adds to the experience.

Are you short of a vehicle? See what you can borrow or buy. If that doesn’t work then contact Peter “Grizz” Yates to assess available options like riding along with others. There are still some seats available on a cost share basis.

You know you wanna do it – so cut loose anything that’s holding you back and just do it and have no regrets! Why wait for a life threatening moment…