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April 2017

  • For Us They Fell: Waikato WW1 Centenary Exhibition

    25 April 2015 – 11 November 2018

    Free entry

    For us They Fell is an exhibition about the human stories of the people of the Waikato and World War 1.

    The exhibition follows a broad chronology, taking the visitor from Waikato as it was just before the war, through the major campaigns and events, and finally to the aftermath and on to the present day. At each stage the story is told mainly through the experiences of the ordinary people of the Waikato who lived through it – or died because of it; where they fought, what they said and did, where they fell and what happened at home.

    For Us They Fell is a living exhibition which will continue to evolve during the World War 1 centenary years. An interactive website, allows people to add information and imagery of loved ones, family members or people in local communities who served in the war.

    This content forms part of the exhibition, as well as being accessible online.


    Free guided tours of the exhibition are available daily, including on public holidays, at 11am. We will be running guided tours at 11.00am, 12.00pm, 1.00pm and 2.00pm on ANZAC Day. Find out more here.

    School visits

    Please contact us to discuss education programmes developed for students at all levels and hosted by our team of teachers. Please note: An admission fee applies to education programmes.

    Education programmes available for this exhibition.

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    Memorial Space

    Use touch screens to scroll through images of Waikato soldiers and nurses contributed by the community via our interactive database

    Waikato 1914

    The world the Waikato soldiers left behind in 1914.

    War is Declared

    The sudden unravelling of Europe’s fragile peace leads to the outbreak of global war in 1914.

    The Boys Go

    Men leave their homes in the Waikato and all over New Zealand in large numbers to fight on the other side of the world.


    Kiwi troops make their way overseas – to Samoa, to Egypt and the Middle East and later to the battlefields of Europe.


    New Zealanders suffer horrific losses in our first major battles of the war, but are bonded in shared hardship during the disastrous nine month campaign to take the Gallipoli Penninsula.

    Middle East

    Dismissed by some at home as ‘tourists in uniform’, New Zealand troops stationed in the Middle East fight a long, gruelling war in the Sinai and Palestine.

    Training and Leave

    For all its horrors, the war also gives our troops a chance to ‘see the world’. Learn how our diggers spent their time off in the big cities of Europe.

    The Western Front

    Our troops make a name for themselves in the major theatre of the war. Some live to tell the tale; others will never return. Their diaries and letters offer a window onto their experiences.


    A look at the contribution of these unsung heroes of the First World War, so many of whom came from the Waikato (and so few of whom returned).


    The lives of many soldiers are irreparably damaged by horrific battlefield injuries. Hear the stories of the war-wounded and the nurses who cared for them.

    Home Front

    Those left behind struggle to make ends meet and worry about their loved ones, yet find ways to survive.

    After the War

    Soldiers return to the Waikato. For some the transition back to civilian life is smooth; for others it is almost impossible.

    Waikato and the War Today

    A place to reflect on how we in the 21st century remember the First World War, and discover connections between past and present.

    Waikato Museum,
    1 Grantham St ,

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January 2018

  • Tauranga Air Show

    We the BOP MVC have been invited to have a roll up at this year’s Classic Flyers of the sky air show, being held at the Tauranga airport. The air show theme is “Sunset Over the Somme”. The MVC will be the main act the theme being based on 100 year end of WW1.

    The timing of the show, gates open to the public at 3.00pm, show starts 400pm finale at 7.40pm.

    Entry for this year will be free for NZMVC members who arrive in an MV.

    *Entrance is on Totara Street South, off Hewletts Road.

    For those of you who have the facility, you can camp on the site for the night. The organisers have organised toilets.

    Tauranga City Airport,
    Totara Street South,

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  • Rotorua A&P Show

    We envisage a mix of static and mobile displays (rides).

    Can I please have some indication numbers and vehicles attending asap as some may require transportation to and from the venue and that needs advance planning.
    Please also indicate if you are willing to provide rides to the public on either or both days, and if you will attend both days.

    Any MV’s requiring transportation please advise me asap

    Peter Yates
    0274 905 946

    141 Western Rd,

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March 2018

  • Armistice100 - Easter Rally 2018

    This is an iconic convoy of historic Military Vehicles throughout New Zealand to commemorate WWI history and NZ’s role in it. We acknowledge technological progress, especially in transportation, during these difficult periods.

    Starting in Rotorua and travelling nationwide to Wanaka and back.

    Find out more at

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  • The Kumeu Militaria Show

    NZ’s largest gun show

    Danny 021 336 207

    Clayton 021 034 0605

    Kumeu Showgrounds,
    35 Access Road, Kumeu,

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