How you can join Armistice100 Convoy.



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1st Gear is 0700hrs Tuesday 20th March 2018 from Rotorua, finishing Thursday 12th April 24 2018 – 26 days later

This Convoy is open to all registered NZMVC members and all eras of Military Vehicles (MVs).

You as the MV owner / primary driver must be a current NZMVC member. Non members will have to pay a sub of NZ$35 to join NZMVC if they are to drive in the convoy as this is a public liability insurance requirement. NZMVC membership for all other members of your crew is optional.

Registrations can be made by downloading the registration form [here]

Please complete form and either scan and email to

Alternatively post your completed registration form and payment to:

Armistice 100 Convoy 2018 Organiser

306 Waitao Road, RD5 Tauranga, 3175, New Zealand.

Register as soon as you can but (please) no later than 1st August 2017

Download Registration form [here]

We are limiting the MV roster to 50 MV teams which will include “regional sections”.   An “MV team” is considered to include the MV, the driver and a co-driver (highly recommended with all the twists and turns on this route!) and crew.  Additionally, an MV team includes an optional non-MV support vehicle, with its driver and crew.  Note – Every MV team must include an MV that is to be in the column. No registrations will be accepted from teams without an MV (say, just an RV/campervan ).

The registration cost for this great NZMVC Convoy is priced two ways.

  1. a) FULL DISTANCE registration cost is NZ$200 per MV, including an optional support vehicle and all of your crew. It is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE and is NOT TRANSFERABLE. The primary use of these funds will be to cover all costs associated with organizing this Convoy project. If, for some reason, you can’t make the Convoy your full registration package will be sent to you after the Convoy.
  2. b) REGIONAL SECTION registration cost is NZ$100 per HMV for ONE Regional Section. Again, this includes an optional support vehicle and all of your crew. Again, it is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE and is NOT TRANSFERABLE. If, for some reason, you can’t make the Convoy your full registration package will be sent to you after the Convoy. Two or more sections require full distance registration cost of NZ$200

Please pay directly to ANZ account NZMVC BOP Branch 06 0491 0078119 10  State your name and initials as the payer reference. Alternatively, send your cheque to address above. Once we receive your payment, you will be marked as registered.

Please note: the cost per MV for those folks who do not register before 1st August 2018 will be subject to a late entry fee of NZ$100.  We need to have our numbers at the earliest possible date to approach potential sponsors for fuel, transportation, ferries etc.

Which part of the Armistice 100 2018 Convoy are you planning to join?        Please tick those sections

FULL DISTANCE Rotorua to Taumaranui) 

… or select the Regional Section or Sections that you will join.

Remember – you can select more than one Regional Section – but the fee is $200

Regional Section 1 – Rotorua to Wellington

Regional Section 2 – Blenheim to Hamner Springs

Regional Section 3 – Hamner to Wanaka

Regional Section 4 – Wanaka to Queenstown

Regional Section 5 – Queenstown to Moana (Lake Brunner)

Regional Section 6–Lake Brunner to Westport

Regional Section 7–Westport to Blenheim

Regional Section 8– Blenheim to Wellington

Regional Section 9–Wellington to Taumarunui

Regional Section 10– Taumarunui to finish

All convoy team members are subject to the conditions of the NZMVC code of conduct. This means all convoy members shall conduct themselves in a manner that does not bring danger or discredit to any convoy members, the NZMVC reputation, or to the public. In the event of misconduct occurring , the decision of the convoy commander is final and cannot be challenged. Should any convoy member behave in an unsatisfactory manner, the CC reserves the right to expel that member / team from the convoy without recourse.