Easter Rally at Ardmore April 7-10 2023



Ardmore Airport was established in 1943 at the request of the US Airforce as an operational base during WWII.  Although construction was not completed until 1945, the Airport served as an important base for training New Zealand pilots for action in the Pacific, and as a training centre for returning servicemen,  as part of the demobilization effort after the war.

This will be a spectacular base for the Easter Rally, with its military history, current aircraft restoration work and displays.

Plans are advancing for an exciting rally that ranges from rural 4WD runs to hanger raids. The best part is that you don’t need to drive through the massive metropolis of Auckland itself to get there!

We will be at the Air Training Corps (ATC) facility. There, we will be neighbours with Warbirds (historic aircraft hangers), AVSPECS (world leaders in recreating the famous Mosquito fighter bomber) and Pioneer Aero (Kittyhawk restoration experts).

The ATC facility will provide a great central base and gathering point for the most important part of any rally – socialising with other club members that you haven’t seen for too long and need to catch up with. There is onsite camping available as well as improvised indoor accommodation for those who don’t want the usual commercial or Air BnB accommodation alternatives.

Save the date for the annual premier event of NZMVC. Also, why not put aside a Jerry can or two of fuel a month in preparation? Even if you don’t come, you could still double your investment from fuel stocks over time!

Save the date for another great club event!