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When you come together with other people who have similar interests, good things happen!

You don’t need to own a military vehicle to join us. We can help you find the vehicle that suits you, choosing from a wide array of types – not just the iconic Jeeps!

Members have a high level of knowledge and expertise to advise you on any restoration work required.

Once on the road, you can then enjoy participating in displays, and on-road and off-road runs. Once a year members come together for the annual Rally

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Easter Rally 2018

This is an iconic convoy of historic Military Vehicles throughout New Zealand to commemorate WWI history and NZ’s role in it. We acknowledge technological progress, especially in transportation, during these difficult periods.

If you are interested in MV’s, then this is a must do, bucket list trip. Truly a once in a lifetime experience – the combination of MVs and some of the most spectacular and varied scenery in the world, with the added bonus of an air show!

18 March 2018 – 13 April 2018 is the Victory Tour of New Zealand including “Wings over Wanaka” This 26 day military vehicle odyssey through the most spectacular (and safest) country on earth is worth waiting for!

Yes, you can do it – and you should!

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See what happened on our recent trip to get ready for the convoy! Read about it [here]




Tony Comber is a Kiwi who likes to keep Jeeps going forever

As a child, Tony Comber was fascinated by the US army jeeps he saw in movies and magazines, so when he had the chance to buy one as an adult, he jumped at the chance.

“I remember picking up a National Geographic magazine when I was in about Standard 6 and it was when America was first going into Vietnam and they had a whole lot of pictures in there of jeeps being unloaded off the aircraft and off the ships.

“Ever since then I have had an interest in American jeeps.” Read more at Stuff [here]